Don’t Be Afraid To Dance

When I first moved to Oregon I made friends with a girl who loved to go out dancing, so when I turned twenty-one we would go out every weekend. A whole herd of us. It was great, I can’t dance for the life of me but I always had a good time anyway. Drinks, drama and all. I did some shameful shit let me tell you, but I never felt judged.

That feeling doesn’t last forever. Oh man it didn’t for me anyway, but when you find someone to dance with it can bring it back a bit. That’s why the first dance at your wedding is so important. It represents that you’ve found your life’s dance partner, someone you can trust to lead you through life. And I’m not saying that in a sexist way. I don’t need anyone to guide me through life, I got this shit handled, but it sure would be nice to know that when I do inevitably trip and fall somebody will catch me. A dancing partner is someone that you trust and I feel like trust is probably the number one priority in a marriage.

So anyway, enough metaphors, all I can say is find a person that you can dance with. There is something about it that I never really understood before now. When I dance with my fiance now though I feel just like I did when I was younger, I dance like no one is watching, and it helps me understand the art of dance. Because marriage is a BIG move, also an art some might say, and you can’t get married to someone you are afraid or embarrassed to dance with.


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