You’ve Changed

You may have had someone say it to you, perhaps an old friend. “You’ve changed.” For some reason too this always seems like an insult, but it shouldn’t. Changing is natural, changing is a symptom of growing and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of it because growing is learning about life.

People grow in different ways, in different directions. Change is normal, even a good thing I dare say. In fact, not to change would be less normal than to change. It’s still hard though, you will lose friends and relationships with family will change and you will probably stress about it, but you shouldn’t because change and even loss is a part of life.

So let it go. By all means be nice, be nice to both your friends and neighbors, but remember that not all things are meant to last. Don’t feel bad and don’t struggle, sometimes you can think to yourself it’s not you it’s me but other times it will be them and that’s okay too. Just do you, to quote Frozen, let it go.


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