SOC 223

Same problem as that Philosophy of Happiness class I took in fall ’12, my final fall term I narrowly got through a sociology class. It was about local issues, and I loved the material. I even loved the lectures. My only issue with the class was it’s time, an 8 am class. Morning classes were always the worst, luckily I had a friend in the class and between the two of us we usually knew what was going on.

I loved the lectures! I forget the professor’s name but his lectures were always so passionate! Unfortunately he was a bit more progressive and in your face than I was ready for at the time. Me and my friend sat in the very back of the room, and I’m ashamed to admit we mocked the guy. He once said that “jokes aren’t funny” in response to a girl talking in class and to this day we laugh about it. It wasn’t that we disagreed with him, at least not most of the time, but I had never heard an old man talk the way he did. After the first two weeks I never overslept, hearing him was too much fun, and yet I still struggled with the material. I went to his office hours a few times but that can only do so much.

It all worked out, I got through by the skin of my teeth. That idealistic vibrant man, I’ll never forget him. I wish I would have understood how brilliant he was at the time. Hell, I wish I remembered his name so that I could hit him up and tell him how much he taught me. I guess that isn’t so important though, not as important as using what he taught me to better things. Anyway though, when I watch Bernie Sanders now I feel like I am better able to understand his message because I took this guy’s class.

My professor spoke a lot about economics and the crash of ’08. We learned a lot about billionaires with offshore accounts and corporations that save money by out sourcing. We all felt it too because as millennials we’ve experienced the fall out first hand. So many of us have experienced unemployment ( of parents), foreclosure, and skipped meals before the age of eighteen as a result of corruption. As a high school graduate of class 2008 this is what spoke to me the most. The working/adult world we have entered is not the one we were taught how to deal with, it’s not the one we were told to expect. I won’t tell you that it’s unfair because that isn’t helpful, life ain’t fair, but it sure isn’t what we want. Hopefully we aren’t too afraid to change it, thankfully from my point of view it doesn’t seem like we are but who knows.

I want to share with my readers why I personally am supporting, and I guess endorsing, Bernie Sanders.


My father started his own architecture firm when he was in his early 30s. It took years of education and was also hard work for our whole family, my parents and I, but he worked hard and supported us. It wasn’t always positive gains and my mom also had to work to make ends meet, but we were all happy.

I tease my little brother sometimes that he doesn’t know the struggle, he didn’t have to live in a world where his parents hadn’t made it yet, but even as I think it I know it’s untrue.

My dad had to close up shop a few years ago and just recently he finally found work in someone else’s firm. NOW as he approaches retirement my wrinkled father has to get all dressed up to go sit at a desk in somebody else’s office, after all he worked for. My mom is still working too mind you, and they are doing just fine but it still makes me sad.

It has become totally acceptable to work 40 hour weeks and still be living from pay check to pay check but it shouldn’t be. That’s not the American dream and it’s not what I want for my husband and I. I’m sick of seeing my friends and family struggle to start out, even though they’ve done everything they could, just because of the system at play. We need a president that knows what it’s like, who has also seen these struggles first hand, and who has a plan to fix them. For the millennial generation in particular this is our chance!


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