No More Puppy Box

We originally got Ed and Eddy a big crate to come home with, since their are two of them I felt bad getting them a small one. They have a small bed in it. Eddy likes it, it makes him feel safe, but Ed on the other hand despises it. So we don’t often use it, although it does sometimes come in handy.

It takes up a lot of space though and our bedroom isn’t that big, so while I was doing the laundry today I finally had enough. Not enough room for activities! So I folded it up and told my fiancĂ© to put it in the deck storage closet. I figure we can pull it out when we need to contain the mut butts.

I moved the dog bed to the living room, we still have that old body pillow on the floor by the bed and they like that alright. We have had them for ten or eleven months about now and it’s remarkable how much we’re all still learning and adjusting.


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