The Decision To Elope




As I mentioned in a previous count down post, I’ve always wanted to elope. Specifically in Las Vegas. Really, for as long as I can remember, I saw it in an old movie when I was a kid and found the idea exciting I guess. Well, big surprise, that’s exactly what happened. All little girls are suppose to fantasize about their wedding day right? Well technically I guess I did… but instead of dresses and flowers I fantasized about the idea of running away with my sweet heart. I honestly cannot imagine a more joyful or care free celebration. I wouldn’t call myself selfish, actually my social anxiety comes from my desire to make everyone around me as content as I can, but for the first time in my life I can say that I really am putting myself first. I don’t want to worry about if my guests like the music or the food or find parking, or if everyone’s kid is happy. I don’t even want to worry about whether my guests are enjoying themselves to be honest, that’s not in my control, but what is in my control is my own happiness.

Back in November as I finished the first part of my wedding check list (the most hectic part I might add) I broke down in tears, “why am I doing this?”
I love Eric more than anything in the world but I absolutely hate parties. I hate the objectification but I admittedly don’t do well with small talk either. It just makes me so nervous. Nobody says what they mean anymore, everything is a game and I just don’t have the patience for it. Plus I was spending so much money and time on this wedding already that I was losing my mind.
Later that same day Eric and I had an appointment with our number one choice caterer. We had met with two others at this point and the Wild Pear in Salem was by far the best. It was spectacular, the food absolutely delicious and their catering menu/setup was perfect. The lady who helped us was kind and friendly too, although waiting for her to arrive I finally found the courage to share my thoughts with Eric.

This was my second time doing all this wedding-prep crap, and his too actually. Obviously this time I’ve gotten much further along but it still adds a-whole-nother element of stress that I very seriously doubt anyone who hasn’t been through a failed engagement can understand. Might be another thing that connects Eric and I. Plus, for all intents and purposes, Eric and I have been pretty much married since he moved across the country to be with me four years ago. We didn’t need this added stress.

So I told him how I was feeling concerning all this upcoming wedding stuff while sitting at that booth in Wild Pear waiting for our appointment to start. We hadn’t really dropped cash on this fancy wedding yet so before we did I wanted my heart to be known. He had the sweetest reaction I can imagine too, it was the perfect reminder as to why I want to be his wife.
“Why are we doing this then?… Let’s go to Vegas.” All I could do at that moment was smile ear to ear, how did I find myself such a perfect fit?
“Really?” I grinned, “OK let’s do it.”

We wanted to keep it hush hush but their were certain people we needed to tell asap. I had originally made the announcement so early to give out of state (and country) people time to get plane tickets and whatnot, so before it was too late we needed to set that right. Making those phone calls wasn’t fun. I kept needing to assure people that Eric and I were still good, that the wedding wasn’t off and that announcements would still be headed their way. We just needed to rethink the game plan.

In all honesty it’s just been hard for me, doing all this wedding-prep crap without my best friend. Last time she was heavily involved lol she was to be my maid of honor. She was always someone to get excited with and just be happy, she would never make me feel judged or tense because she was a true friend. She always knew just what to say to calm me down or to make me smile. I figure if we elope I won’t feel as sad about her missing it. I can almost imagine her laughing when I tell her what I’m doing, I know she’d be happy for me.

Before I told my mom though I researched everything I could about Vegas weddings. That was actually why I told her in the first place, all the “how to elope” advice articles I read said to tell your parents what the plan is ahead of time, and if you knew my mom you’d understand the need to be thorough too. That is also where I read that we should still send out announcements.

All in all every choice I could find was substantially cheaper and all around less stressful than an autumn mascaraed at the Green Villa Barn. In addition to that I found out after-the-fact that my dogs would not be allowed inside the Green Villa Barn whereas all of the Las Vegas chapels are dog friendly. My husband to be and I could actually walk down the isle with them! This was a huge incentive for me! When I first started planning Ed and Eddy were so new I did not fully realize how much I needed them to be apart of this big event in my life.

The next thing I had to figure out was how to do all the paper work. I learned that getting a marriage licence in Nevada only takes an hour, as apposed to say forty-eight hours. Since the primary election is soon after our return home I had to figure out all the name change hullabaloo ahead of time too.

Also, of course a wedding is typically followed by a honeymoon. I had been originally thinking that Italy or maybe somewhere tropical would be the thing to do, and I still would like that that one day, but since we’ll be in Nevada anyway I figure that that is enough to temporarily quench my desire for travel. The Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and other natural wonders are near the strip so I’m sure we can find something. Plus the shows, OH THE SHOWS!

I still took a while making my final decision to really do it though because I had to be absolutely positively sure this time. The Green Villa Barn seemed amazing at first too but after a month of hands on planning it seemed horrible. I couldn’t very well change my mind AGAIN. I mean ya its my paragotive as a lady but still…

I of course still had my bridesmaids that I wanted to celebrate with, I knew none of them would make the trip to Vegas but I didn’t want to miss out on bachelorette fun. I have heard married friends talk about how important they considered it. Portland had Oregon’s biggest bridal expo the weekend of January 17th with a full on fashion show, as well as both food and makeup samples. There was even a martini bar at the convention center! I think it worked very well to have a ladies day out in the city. We got lots of pictures and time to talk.

Plus of course I still had to set up beauty appointments, shopping trips, picture locations, hotel arrangements, and transportation schedules just like any other wedding. I planned with the wedding coordinator that the Chapel of Flowers provided, having help made things much more manageable. I feel like I got the whole experience a bride deserves, and what’s more I loved every minute of it!

For anyone interested our wedding will be available to the public for free streaming today (3/20/16) from 3pm to 11pm pacific time. 


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