Time Alone

As anyone who has spent even a term in college will tell you, they are constantly trying to get you to join clubs and make friends. You will be told constantly that it is the best time in your life and that it is the time allocated to you to be stupid (and guilt free). The friends that you make in college are the ones that will stick with you…didn’t they say that about high school too though?

College gets built up for us a lot as kids. I don’t know about all of yall but I never really thought about whether or not I’d go to college, it was just the obvious next step. Both my parents were first time college grads in their families, although their younger siblings also went on to higher education, but still I was raised to value knowledge. I didn’t see college as “my chance” to goof off, my entire like is a goof, instead I actually looked forward to class. I didn’t join many clubs or study groups, I stuck to myself a lot. I was told many a time that I should be making the most of my time and although I do not disagree I also insist that I did in my own way.

Just as people have different learning styles, people absorb life differently. Some people do well in environments with lots of activity while some people do not. I have a traumatic brain injury, most people (including my inefficient small-town doctor) have no idea what that means. I forget sometimes how little we know about the brain in general. I don’t like telling people I have a TBI because I worry that they assume it makes me mentally retarded but that is not the case. I have always been a pretty intelligent person and when I was hurt only a tiny part of my brain was injured (as is usually the case, our brains are huge and intricate). The short term memory portion as well as the motor skills segment have been affected, so my life takes more effort now but I have all the tools I need. I graduated high school on time, having missed most of my eighth grade year, and also graduated college with a B- average.

For people like myself fatigue is a huge issue, it’s important to be well rested because that is how and when the brain heals. Getting through a day when you’ve been tired the whole time is a major annoyance. Being around people is work for me too and that brings about fatigue, and for that reason I try to avoid it. I enjoy people’s company, most of the time, but in small doses and my life isn’t any less because of it. It’s similar to multitasking, some people are simply not cut out for it.

It can be, and has been, argued that those people who take in their experiences more purely not only enjoy them more but are also happier because of it. We aren’t experiencing less we’re merely experiencing more fully.


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