The First Married Fight

It wasn’t any more serious than any of the other fights we have had in the last four years. It was stupid. He stormed out, it’s good to cool off separately anyway, but this time it felt different.

I’m a very stubborn person btw. I don’t do well apologizing first, especially when I don’t feel I was in the wrong. This fight was different though, we’re married now. I looked at my dogs and realized how sad they would be if he never returned, I looked around at my messy apartment and remembered how much work life was without him, I saw some of the cards we’ve received displayed around the front room and I missed him. We had said that nothing would change once we said “I do” and really nothing has, except we’re family now. Legally speaking, he’s mine and I’m his.

So I called him, he didn’t answer so I just called until he did. He sounded kind of tired and the longer we spoke the more I could tell me were both struggling not to apologize.

Finally we came to an agreement, it just meant meeting in the middle. Life has changed since getting married. It’s not just me, from now on its we.


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