I know politics are an uncool subject, I know it isn’t something people like to talk about. Isn’t that silly though? I mean, if we don’t talk about it how can we improve it? Or even keep it running smoothly? No, politics are important, and when they’re done well pretty cool.

I really think people are beginning to see that. Not just in America but all over the world. European countries have been having huge protests this year. Iceland recently had a huge one for example regarding the Panama Papers. We also had a march from Phili to D.C. I didn’t make it to D.C. of course, as I am all the way on the west coast, but I watched the whole protest at the capital building live on TYT. It was amazing to see! You can still watch as people continue to demonstrate their devotion to the cause. It’s a completely peaceful (both cops and protesters) protest that got 600-700 hundred people arrested (I know the media is saying 400 but they are just trying to down play it, thus no one major covered it). The jails actually ran out of room, in fact so many people were showing their disapproval of money in politics. It’s still crazy to me to be living in a time when all this is happening. I thought that was over, I thought that no one cared enough anymore to fight corruption but as it turns out they do! And it’s happening through social media no less! It’s incredible. It really does make me cry tears of joy, people are getting woke.

(As pictured on Vice)

Of course this movement is so much more than Bernie Sanders, it’s #notmeus. So let me explain why I’m leaning towards Bernie or bust.

Bernie isn’t a sell out. In fact while Hilary Clinton and Ted Cruz are both major sell outs only Bernie Sanders is not. They owe it to the billionaires who finance them to enact laws and corporate tax breaks that benefit the already wealthy, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with the wealthy there is something wrong with earning wealth off of the suffering of others. You might be saying, but what about Trump? He’s no sell out! I won’t even bother to argue either, he is no sell out. He’s the one paying people off.

Bernie is relatable to us lowly average Americans. He grew up in an old beat up apartment in Brooklyn, his parents are immigrants, he rides the subway regularly as apposed to for publicity, and him and his wife are a true team. She helps him every step of the way (even by doing their taxes), and those paying attention recognize it.

The establishment is trying to scare us into voting for an establishment president, like usual so that nothing really changes. They don’t want change, the current system is literally paying off for them. I think that is why Donald Trump is doing so well too, because he’s offering people something different. Now personally I think Trump is an idiot, he outsources jobs and pays his employees slave wages. He also has a scary following that is controlled by fear to go with his zero experience in politics, but at least he’s calling out political curruption where he sees it.

My favorite thing about Bernie Sanders though is his flawless record. If you search back he’s always stood up for fair treatment of everyone. Animals, as I’ve posted before, but also people.

No matter who wins this election a political revolution is coming. We the people are aware of the game now, and we’re ready to play our hand.


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