Loosing New York

We’ve had losses, that’s true. We always knew New York was a long shot too but for some reason loosing New York on Tuesday was a blow. I was down last night too but we have to bounce back. There is no half-assing a political revolution. At first it was close in NYC, just four points down, but the longer it went the more votes were suppressed, and the more votes were suppressed the better she did. Literally thousands, who am I kidding 126,000 in Brooklyn alone, of “new voters” were somehow unlisted when they went for their ballots plus both new and long time democrats were suddenly becoming “undeclared.” That is the definition of voter disenfranchisement. So anyway, what I’m driving at is, it got us down. The diehard grassroots and even Cenk Yueric, this time when the media kept repeating things like inevitable or skewing poll numbers to match their message it got us down for a sec. It’s hard to see through the half truths they sell, it’s hard to tell which will screw us the least. It’s absurd to think that way.

We’re back now though, we regrouped and remembered our ideals. This is a once in a life time chance we have to fix things, we can’t let a few bullies get in the way. One of the disenfranchised voters started a lawsuit against the state of New York, most of the people who couldn’t vote filled out affidavits. No matter how long it takes from this point on the cat is out of the bag. Our system is broken and in need of repair. Vote for Bernie Sanders and a progressive Congress, make calls, talk to your friends and neighbors. The man himself has said he’s in it to win it, but he can’t do it alone. It was never going to be easy, we’re against corporate interests. For the sake of the future don’t give up!

It’s true what they say, you win some you loose some, but this time we are standing together and we won’t loose our voice.


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