Haircut for Human

I’ve been in need of a haircut for a while. I wanted it long for my wedding, but when curly hair gets long it gets snarled. I felt like if I wasn’t constantly brushing it I’d find knots, and as curly hair people know dry hair brushing equals friz.

So the time finally came where I’d had enough. I had been considering dreadlocks after my wedding but I chickened out as usual. Also, I will admit, since I don’t drive and also the bus doesn’t come this far out of town it’s hard for me to get to my usual hair place. Lastly since the wedding cost us our savings we’re trying to build that back up, so I had reservations about dropping like $80 on a haircut. I couldn’t take waiting anymore though so I asked my dear husband to give me a trim. He lovingly agreed too, we grabbed our pair of safety scissors plus a stool from the kitchen and got to.

It was somewhat terrifying for me but once the first lock was cut off I calmed down and accepted my fate. As with all haircuts though, seeing all that hair on the floor is jalting at first. Plus I was facing the shower, no mirror. I had long elegant hair for my wedding but that is passed now. Time to be light and fun.

The dogs however were not nearly so consolable. I assume they don’t really understand haircuts. Any time we have trimmed them at home they’ve been terrified, plus of course they hate the groomer. So I suppose it’s understandable that they didn’t like seeing a part of me cut off. They barked and jumped and just freaked the fuck out! They sniffed me like crazy too but did eventually decide I was alright. It was probably just as scary for them as it was for me, it took a while but they have stated to truly trust their humans. Even when they don’t understand.


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