Safe Spots for Pups

In the year we’ve all lived here at Riverplace both Ed and Eddy have really come to feel at home. When we’re driving home from out of town they always get noticeably happy when we are near. Even whem we’re in our home they have claimed different areas, for example under the kitchen table is Eddy’s safe spot and under the coffee table is Ed’s spot. Of course they love their humans too and always want to be with us, which makes things easier than they could be. As much as they love the sun and being outside, after a while of being out they are always ready to come back home.

They have claimed other spots too, like for example Eddy carries all his food from his bowl to the welcome mat by the front door. Ed mostly eats at his bowl but sometimes he prefers to eat in the living room. It’s really quite funny how things have developed.
One thing I love is that they’ve completely stopped the bathroom activity inside! They now know to “tell” me when they need out. The chewing and scrating has gone down considerably. We still leave them in the bathroom when we leave for a long time, there are several cords in the living room, but coming home is no longer a nightmare. No messes to clean up in the last month.

Eddy sadly is still afraid of his shadow unfortunately, though Ed has livened up. For example, late last night Eddy wasn’t obeying commands so my husband got a bit loud with him. It wasn’t anything crazy but nonetheless Eddy peed out of fright, and then fled out of shame. After cleaning up I found Eddy cowering and shaking behind the bathroom door. I scooped him up, after bringing him back to the bedroom both us humans assured him he was okay. He slept on a pillow that has been converted to a dog bed on the floor but I think he fell asleep content. No pupmares. It was a tiring end to the day but a good reminder that our doggy boys are fragile. They’ve come a very long way but they still remember the hardships of their shady past. Only love can heal them.


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