What The Fuck is a Super Delegate?

In preparation for the end of the primary I would like to answer a question I’m sure we’ve all asked, what the fuck is a super delegate and why is it so super? Well a super deligate is an invention of the democratic party and they are tie breaking voters. The way it works for Democrats is that the first candidate to 2383 delegates wins. In the event that nobody gets quite to 2383 the Democrats have themselves what is called a contested convention. In this process the 714 super delegates vote for a candidate, without any input from us nonsuper voters, and decide the Democratic candidate.

Super Delegates became a thing in 1968 thanks to the race between George McGovern and Jimmy Carter. Basically, to steal some words of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, super delegates make sure grassroots candidates don’t get in the way of the establishment. It worked out nicely for Carter but it may not be so great for Clinton as this is the only example where the super delegates changed the outcome of an election.

As of now Clinton has 1716 pledged delegates and Sanders has 1433. That is only a difference of 283, and with ten more states left of a total of 1065 delegates remaining it’s anyone’s game. Especially considering how much better Sanders has done in the last twenty-five primaries (nineteen of which he won by large margins).

Now the supers don’t actually vote until it’s all said and done, but for some reason Clinton has 524 of these unpledged super delegates on her side while Sanders only has 40. On TV they sometimes count these unpledged super delegates even though they haven’t officially voted yet. Clinton had many of these unpledged votes before Sanders even entered the race. The question is why? What is their logic behind not voting with the majority? If Sanders overtakes Clinton by June fourteenth doesn’t it make sense that they’d change? Counting the unpledged along with the pledged is like counting in the remaining states polls along with the states who have actually voted, it’s completely inefficient.

This is a very exciting election year, surely ones our kids will be quizzed on. If you’re in Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, either Dakota, or D.C. make sure to make your voice heard.


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