Sunny Days for Pups




Summer has come early in Oregon. The harsh cold rains left us to sunshine in the mid to high 80s. The dogs love it, we take them out on car runs around town. Whenever the car stops me and the fur boys find some grass to play in while we wait for the driver. I love that about Oregon, we have grass and trees literally everywhere.

So that has been fun for Ed and Eddy, plus we take them to the dog park more. It’s a tiny dog park we have in town but somehow on this sunny day it seemed vast. There is a water spout and a bowl at the park too so the boys get water breaks while running around. Their little legs always get tired out pretty soon though so we never stay too long.

The ride back home they both sit on my lap, smiling with their tungs out while they stare out the window. It’s a short trip and once we get home they always rush upstairs to jump on the couch and take a nap.

It was a lovely afternoon. The view and calm out here is so wonderful. We have just under 3 more months here and then we’re moving to our house in Eugene. It will be nice too, the dogs will love the yard, but I’ll miss the pool and having a front office to call if something goes wrong. I’ll miss having someone else mow the lawn so that I never have to worry about it. I’ll miss the community, not that I’m overly active in it now, but still it’s nice. I’m sure I’ll never live anywhere like this again, a luxury apartment, but I won’t miss it. This place got me finally to finish up with childhood and embrace adulthood. When I look in the mirror a sexy young face no longer smiles back at me and I like it that way.


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