Let Yourself be Sad

Our culture has a huge problem with how we understand and express sincere joy, and I think it all stems from our aversion from showing grief. We treat it like a burden, like it’s something to be ashamed of but I’m going to be real with you. It is NORMAL to be sad, hell I would even say it’s healthy. Different things cause different people sadness too so don’t compare your trials to anybody else’s. Allow yourself to feel a bit down even when rationally you know you have much to be thankful for. Allow others that same dignity. Don’t wallow, have a good cry and then get on with your day. You still have a house to clean, a family to take care of, a job to do, and it’s true that these duties don’t somehow disappear when your sad but ignoring your sorrows won’t make them disappear either. Embrace your sadness, try to understand it, and then fall back on what and who you love. So much depends on your mood so whatever you do, don’t fake it. Work for it.


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