Feminism and Peace in Politics

Nancy Pelosi. It’s a name that bounces around a lot, especially when you live in California, but I didn’t know much about her. She however today became probably the biggest deal Democrat to officially endorse Bernie Sanders. Part of me is still looking at Elizabeth Warren but the other part of me wants to believe she knows what she’s doing. Vice President Joe Biden broke my heart today by backing Debbie Wasserman Schultz BUT I’m trying to have faith there too. Tulsi Gabbard gave up her spot in the DNC for Bernie. Nina Turner is another progressive Democrat that I recently learned about. Alan Greyson. Tim Canova. The team is growing and needs our support.

Anyway, Nancy Pelosi is the current House Minority Leader. She’s the first and only woman to serve as House Speaker and is also the highest ranked female politian in US history. From 2007 to 2011 she was the Speaker in the House of Representatives, from 2002 to 2003 she was the House Minority Whip, and from 1987 until 2013 she served in various California districts of the House. That’s some crazy shit. She’s a true feminist hero.

I know Hillary Clinton is often looked to as a powerful woman in politics and she has done what she’s done. She’s met a lot of people, caused many things to happen, and certianly made a pretty penny. I won’t take that away from her. I actually really use to look up to her, I was for her in ’08 (although I did happily vote for Obama in the general) but I think I became a peacenic somewhere along the way. I grew up in a Marine town so I heard sad things but also a lot of patriotism. I knew a lot of kids that joined after high school, I had two roommates married to Marines for a while but I wasn’t too phased by it. Just part of life.

In 2010 though I started talking to a guy in the Army. Infantry unit, communications officer. So he was a computer nerd that did stuff with radios that I never really understood, but he had pretty much 24/7 phone access because of it. He use to call me from a government number that got routed through various bases in whichever region he was in at the time. We wrote emails too, it was very on and off only for like two years. I only met him in person once, he was on leave in North Carolina and flew me out for a Bright Eyes concert. That was pretty much it, he was tattooed and troubled and exciting. Also kind of an alcoholic, plus he always had a cigarette in hand. Played the guitar, drove a truck, and enjoyed photography. We went to an art museum after he picked me up on that first meeting. It was fun.

But it was also scary. He was in Iraq when they pulled people out, but they didn’t pull him out. In fact they paid for his college in exchange for an extra year of his life as a paratrooper. It was scary, there would be long periods were he wouldn’t/couldn’t call me and we’d have phone calls he probably shouldn’t have made that would end abruptly. That one weekend we got together he had a night terror once, he didn’t want to talk about it much and I don’t blame him, but I could feel his sadness.

So that’s why I’m against war. I’m against stubborn nations fighting over money and power while using young adults as their pawns. And it’s true that these “pawns” volunteer but remember, they are mostly all poor men and women that need the job. They aren’t professional or even necessarily cut out for combat. They want to be home with their families and dogs, or on safe soil learning how to better their lives, but instead they are risking their lives because they’re all out of options.

Of course they are brave, of course they are strong, and of course we should always show them respect. Think about it though, if we really care about and respect them why are we asking them to risk their lives?


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