All Lives Matter

One thing I’ve always found curious about saying “All Lives Matter” is that it doesn’t deny that black lives also matter. So what’s the point? BLM is a powerful movement, and a saying that helps people who otherwise feel marginalized. I saw online today…


and it really got me thinking. The same group of people saying that “All Lives Matter” are, for the most part, the people who want to outlaw abortions but don’t want to provide food stamps or free healthcare/childcare. They don’t want to demiliterize the police force or hold police officers accountable for brutality. Some want to do away with medicade, or make the death penalty harsher. I’ve heard it said that education is a privledge not a right, so this would mean that in our present workforce, where it is often said that decent paying jobs require more than a high school education, poor people haven’t the right to provide for their family.

What about those lives? Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, pacific islander, middle eastern, anyone can find themselves in a situation where they need help or love. It seems to me that what this logic is saying is that no lives matter, only wealth does. The way I have been able to see it, the people saying “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter” are just people that don’t want to see anybody getting ahead. This isn’t right, and in fact it seems selfish. If All Lives Matter, and I think they do, we need to stop seeing life as one giant contest. We need to help each other succeed regardless of race and Healthcare, education or a fair criminal justice system which serves basic human rights is how we get that done. All we need to do to see that is look at humanity throughout history and today.


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