Home Alone

It’s been over a year now and we’ve always had to barricade the boys in the bathroom when we leave. They’d bark far too loud to leave them in the front room, they’d chew and scratch everything so they weren’t to be trusted around carpet or electronics (you should see the inside of the hall bathroom door, it’s definitely coming out of the deposit), and even when we were home with them we’d have to keep a close watch. Lately though, as I’ve written, they’ve show vast improvement. I can leave the bedroom door open when nobody is in there and trust them not to poop on the carpet or rip up the comforter. When I leave the master bathroom door open at night I don’t wake up to a pile of trash they’ve carried in, we put their dog box in the outside storage long ago, and we can sleep with our bedroom door open now which is great for ventilation. It’s been such a relief. I nearly gave up on them but they have come around.

Even on walks they no longer pull or bark at every living thing. Kids have always loved them and want to pet them. I think that a kid must have tortured them in a past home, and Ed still hates kids, but the other day Eddy let a neighbor boy pet him. Sometimes I am even able to let them off leash outside of the dog park too, no more running away. Riverplace is in such a beautiful area and I’m glad my dogs are finally able to take full advantage of it.

Yesterday we felt comfortable enough to leave them home alone in the front room with all our electronics and nicnaca and of course the carpeted area. We closed off the bedroom so that if they got in a destructive mood they didn’t have full roam of the apartment, but there was still a lot of trust involved. We left them for like 20 or 30 minutes while we went to the store to get stuff for dinner and I was a nervous wreck the whole time!

We got home and walked up the stairs, and they didn’t bark until my husband started to unlock the door. This is a good sign. Once the door was open they did both come and jump on us, but behind them no mess was to be found!

I now feel comfortable leaving the boys to go run errands or enjoy the gym and pool facilities. I don’t know if we should leave them with such freedom for long periods of time but we’re getting there for sure. I’m so proud of my boys and stoked for this new amount of freedom my husband and I get out of it.



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