Solid Advice

I had a writing professor once that I really respected. He taught me poetry and also how to workshop. He is a published author, Henry Hughes. Look him up, he’s good.
I was not previously a big fan of poetry, I had always enjoyed it but didn’t have the confidence to write it. Henry’s classes really taught me to understand poetry, and fiction, better. It taught me confidence in my writing.
Writing is an art you see but unlike other arts it is also a puzzle.
Or maybe all art is a puzzle but the written word is a puzzle I can visualize.

You have to know how to play the long game with writing, you have to know how to have faith in yourself. Just keep writing. Write while you adventure, write while you work, write while you live.
In high school, or even middle school really, I got the idea that if I was going to write that journalism was the most career oriented method.
Since I really enjoy politics anyway it wasn’t terrible, but the more I did it (for school or for local papers) the more I realized it was a puzzle that I didn’t much like.

Initially I was upset and sort of lost. I spent a lot of time writing still, but it was nothing serious, nothing to brag about. I often thought about Henry. He made a life as a poet/fisherman/father, how cool is that? Or my philosophy professors were constantly traveling all over to present papers they wrote, if that’s not dope idk what is.
That takes a lot of work though and I struggle with school as it is. It’s going to take some time for me to get there.

So it finally came together for me, if I want to write I’ve just got to write. It’s like any art or hobby, just do it because you love it and live your life as you need to. Just be happy and things will work out.


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