Gimme Sum-a-dat Personal Space

Personal space is important, although this fact is often overlooked. Especially among family and friends it can sometimes seem like we have no right to personal space. Plus nobody wants to be the bitch that doesn’t have time for loved ones. Even being married though, people need their personal space. Being in a small apartment as well as having kids or pets can make this very hard. Even when it’s difficult or maybe seems selfish, we must remember the importance of personal space.

In the four some years Eric and I have lived together we have always made an effort to be continuous of this. We went straight from an online romance to living together, which is a big change, so we make an effort to keep up with that personal space. Having two bedrooms is a good way to do this. While one or both of us is still in school it’s nice to have a personal study area, having that extra space is a great method of storage (or hording) and/or displaying art and nicnacs. It also gives us space to pursue our own personal work and hobbies, as well as change our surroundings to suit our own personal tastes. For example while he prefers to close the blinds and turn on the fan I prefer to open up the windows to let in air and light. Having our own personal space allows for this.

In recent months a friend setup a new gaming pc for Eric to use in the living room as a wedding gift, he uses our big screen tv as a monitor now. It also allowed us to sell our console and just use the pc as our entertainment center and it’s been awesome. My shitty lab top has also since died, so today I made the move to take over his man cave. He had been using it for a quiet place to do homework and game but since that has changed I’ve gotten tired of not having my own personal space. True, we’re only here for two more months but if I would have done all this back in March when everything took place I wouldn’t have to worry about it now. Our impending move has been my excuse for not getting off my lazy ass and transforming his man cave into a work area for myself, but today as I sat in the kitchen typing on my smartphone I finally decided that I’d had enough. Similar to how I finally folded up the dog crate in our bedroom recently to open up more space their is no need to waste this older media center (and room) just because it needs a bit of fixing! My husband may be unwilling to help but I’m a grown ass woman, I can do it myself. EMPOWERMENT!!!  It’s true that we’ll have to start packing up soon anyway but whatever. Gotta take full advantage of everything we’ve got while we’ve got it, and that includes our living space itself.


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