Losing California


It’s bad, I won’t sugar coat it, but I’m not too upset. New York broke me, the small amount of faith in humanity that Bernie had restored in me has mostly all gone away at this point. I’m not too upset though because the revolution is well underway, people use to role their eyes and mock me when I said it but now the response is typically silence. Plus it wasn’t a total loss last night, North Dakota and Montana were strong wins. And if I’m being honest the count isn’t done. Not all the votes have been counted and not all the delegates have picked a side. California has a three day counting process. Even South Dakota and New Mexico were only two and three point losses.

The progressive movement can go many different ways from here. Clinton has 2,184 pledged delegates and there is only one more primary. DC on June 14, and they only have 75 delegates total. This means she cannot get the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. We are having a contested convention in Philadelphia. So Bernie isn’t dropping out and people shouldn’t waste their time talking about it.

Something that made me very happy the other day was that the Green Party’s Jill Stein (who is actually the first female candidate to lead her party) publicly told all the Green party voters out there that they ought to vote for Bernie Sanders! It’s such a wonderful thing, third parties have been coming down hard on us Bernicrats who feel that we have become disenfranchised. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party has been covered by Election Now as being a candidate for the legalization/decriminalization of weed. Of all drugs really, and I’m cool with that. It’s worked well for Portugal. I’d rather use the recreational drug market as a business opportunity than use war torn counties like Iraq as a business opportunity, like Hillary Clinton suggested in a 2011 speech. He also is against big pharma, he has some good stuff and I recognize that but personally I feel like the environment is our number one issue. Freedom and equality is big too, as much as I have enjoyed reading the ideals of Ayn Rand I recognize that it is not a plan of great utility. The game of politics needs to be less about asses versus elephants and more about all of us, and we need clean water and fresh air way more than money and power.

One thing that has been suggested, that Bernie leaves the Democrats and forms a partnership with Jill. The problem with this is that not all the states would allow this, states with sore looser laws do not allow for candidates to switch parties. Similarly not all the states will count those who write him in, although from the research I’ve done it appears that if enough do that he could still conceivably win. I would like to see Bernie start a new independent Progressive party, and as much as I like Jill Stein I would also like for Tulsi Gabbard to be very much a part of it. Tulsi is a Hawaiian and a veteran of Iraq, she left her position in the DNC to support Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement. It seems to me that she is one of the few who is ready and willing to put the good of the people first.

All I know for sure is that this isn’t over, I still have faith in the people to make the right choices for our future. We’ll see how this unfolds but one thing is certain, the convention in July will decide the who represents the Democrats not the media. If they choose Hillary all the Independents who switched to Democrat to support Bernie (myself included) will leave, all the first time voters (young and old) who stepped up for Bernie will leave, even some long time Democrats (and Republicans) will leave. The DNC will destroy their own party if they try and continue this oligarchy they have created, and maybe (hopefully) even the two party system. This isn’t over, not by a long shot. This is not the time to be complacent, every voice has a RIGHT to be heard.


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