Cross Off Two More

Barack Obama.
Elizabeth Warren.

For whatever reason I can’t make myself add Cenk Uyrug but he’s on his way. It was sad but expected when Obama endorsed Clinton. I mean, he knows how corrupt she is, he even admitted to feeling the bern once and there are many recordings of him speaking of her flaws in ’08. He once said, “she’ll say anything and change nothing.” Alas he is apart of the establishment. A big part, the figure head even. Who knows how tied up in Mrs Clinton’s emails he is. I’m sure the DNC has him by the balls, so when I hear him endorse Clinton I’m disappointed but for Warren to endorse her, a woman who once called out then first lady Clinton for flip-flopping on a bankruptcy bill, I was shocked. My jaw literally dropped. Do these people not understand that we already know what they said? I thought she was one of the good ones but alas she too is a sellout. I wonder what Clinton promised her? Vice Presidency perhaps?

I see this going one of two ways. I mean I guess I’ll just get this out of the way, he could drop out BUT he has promised not to several times. Including yesterday in DC so I don’t really see that. I shared my first, Green Party theory, with you yesterday, a three way run would be pretty cool. Plus what’s his face could run as a Libertarian, four way would be even more exciting in my opinion. More representation, greater freedom. I think, with Warren’s recent endorsement it is reasonable to believe she will be picked as Clinton’s VP, and then once Hil finally is indited and forced to step down Warren will become the candidate. Bernie could be her VP although I’d prefer it be reversed. That’s my second theory and if that’s the plan, my respect for Warren may be renewed.

Still these endorsements were quite the shake. It reminded us why we don’t trust the establishment and why we can’t trust politics the way they are. It reminded us why we’re pulling for Bernie so hard and why (even though most of us are very much feminists) we cannot be with her. It’s not over. We’ve still got the convention July 25-27, and even after that Bernie has my vote (unless something crazy happens). The state of Oregon accepts Bernie Sanders write-ins for the general. The rules vary state by state so you must check, but it is conceivably possible for Bernie to win that way. States that don’t allow it, third party votes are a good idea. This could be a great election year for third party runners like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Political revolution is upon us.


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