America Has a Gun Problem

I don’t know what it’s going to take for everyone to admit it, but America clearly has a gun problem. A mental health problem. Two shooting, both in Florida, in just a few days! I know people love their guns but for real, our country has become an embarrassment.

This most recent one killed fifty people. Fifty brothers, sister, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters now dead. For no reason at all. Another fifty-three injured, the worst mass shooting up to date. From the report I read this shooter was a ISIS guy and he was handling an AR-15. People really had no chance against an automatic, from what I gather the police killed the shooter who had taken hostages in a final shoot out that was three fucking hours after the initial spray and pray. Can you imagine the pure anxiety, I probably would have died (or at least passed out or had a heart attack) within that time. Again, I know people don’t need an automatic weapon or even necessarily a gun to cause mass murders but can we at least admit that less people would be dead and more people would be able/willing to defend themselves against a non-automatic? Tons of people die in car accidents every day and tons of people die in war and sadly this probably won’t end any time soon, but if tons of people weren’t also dying in civilian shootings our country would experience a great deal fewer deaths. I have family that hunts, and I also see why people feel more safe with a home defense gun, but no one needs an automatic or even a semi-automatic for either of these things.

An honest fear I have after reading about this Florida incident is that politicians will use it as an excuse for us to engage in war with ISIS but hopefully we all see that that would only kill even more Americans. That would, in my opinion, be the absolute worst outcome. Bernie Sanders has said when asked to comment about it, “It’s horrific. It’s unthinkable, and just hopes go out to those who were shot that they can recover, and I’ve got to tell you for twenty-five years now, I’ve believed that we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill my opinion this is the only type of statement that makes sense at a time like this.”

Also this Florida shooting was triggered by the shooter seeing a gay couple kiss at this same location. That’s some serious undeserved hate. If you see a same sex couple expressing their love in this post millennial world of ours and find it offensive I think you need some serious help. It’s exactly what I mean by a national mental heath epidemic, yes we have a freedom of religion but that doesn’t mean it becomes acceptable to murder in the name of god. This also doesn’t give folks a right to hate or even really fear middle eastern people. We need to realize that most dark skinned people do not even agree with ISIS, some of the people who do are white, and fear causes a major divide among us all as fellow humans.

Hopefully today we can all appreciate our families a little more, hug our friends a little longer, and focus more on the importance of peace. Hopefully we can use this indecent as an opportunity to love each other a little more and to cling to our paranoia of the unknown a little less.


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