That Person at The Party

A good friend of ours graduated with his BA Friday but because of work schedules we weren’t able to celebrate until yesterday. It really is something to celebrate too, last year I finally got my diploma that was seven years in the making. School is hard, it takes dedication and perseverance to put education first. I know my diploma gives me pride, in a world so full of ignorance I was one of those striving for knowledge. The celebration started with a BBQ out in the Salem hills and ended with a small gathering at another friend’s house.

These friends have two super swull pit bulls. As I’ve said before, I’m always that anti-social guest at the party who spends the majority of my time playing with the dog. Last night was no different. The guy who the dogs belonged to was surprised by my loving on them, according to him most guests that come over want the dogs “away.” Let me tell you though, these pits were no different than my little dachshunds. All they wanted was someone to rub their bellies! It was so sweet. The main difference I found between them and my boys is that they are incredibly obedient. Which makes sense, my boys are tiny so it’s not a big deal. We worked hard on training and although it took a long time they have gotten a lot better. When it comes down to it though, if I don’t want them doing something all I have to do is pick them up. Two huge pits though, their in a bit more control. I guess this is why he was saying guests typically fear them. Oh my goodness let me tell you, these dogs were crazy obedient! If one started licking me too much and I said “stop” he stopped. If one wondered off into a group of people that didn’t seem to appreciate his presence and I would say “come” he came. And I’m not even his owner! I loved it! Mine would never respond so well, especially to a stranger.

When my husband and I got home Ed and Eddy were glad to see us of course. Since we had some other dogs’ smells all over us they were very interested, but also very eager to replace them with their own. Eric and I also started talking about how nice it would be to have a smart dog. Maybe like a sheep dog type deal, I can just picture having a herding dog to boss our naughty little puppies into submission! And having a dog who could learn to play fetch and obey commands. Sounds like a pretty far out dream now but once we move into our place with a yard…who knows.


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