Yup, no question about it, what we’ve got here is a revolution. A global revolution. First Oaxaca now Brexit. Taiwan left China too, that was a big thing. At least we’re not the only ones with a currupt ass government…that’s how I feel about it. In fact, if you really want to get into some serious irony, our first American Revolution was the thirteen colonies wanting independence from Britain.

Well anyway, this isn’t going to be an opinion thing. I don’t know enough to have an honest opinion as far as whether or not I’m pro. I know the UK never really liked the EU. I’ve spent a grand total of four days and two connection flights in London, and to be honest I loved it. So much history and also so much amazing food. They had some bomb ass Thai let me tell you, and that is what brings me to my point actually. It was a melting of cultures. Sounds like maybe that’s what the British Independence party fears, again though I don’t know enough to have an educated stance.


TYT broke the news to me but I read articles from BBC, AL Jazeera, New York Times, and Telegraph too. Plus I found some maps and graphs. The one above is from February 2016 but the actual vote on June 23 2016 went about as planned, imagine that.

They held a referendum. All citizens could vote, no registration required, and they had a 70% turn out. Way higher than elections here. Citizens show up and make paper votes of “yes” or “no” which are then counted by hand. 52% to 48% in favor of Brexit. England not surprisingly wanted out while Wales, Scotland, and Ireland tended to want to stay. It was close. Like all other political issues, fear is being used a lot. Economic fear and fear of immigration. It seems to me unfair to compare Trump and this British guy because while we’re two party they are a parliament. It’s different.
Maybe I just smoke too much weed but I honestly do feel like the media is over hyping this to insight panic and make us lose focus. Not that this isn’t yuge, but it is within our relm of control. We have problems here, real problems, and we need to focus on them. Not opposition. I have written about making the choice not to have children before and right now I’m sooo happy with that choice. Taking care of and providing for dogs is hard enough in all this. I don’t know how parents do it. Mad respect. You know congress just passed that woman are fair game for the draft, so basically gun control isn’t worth a vote but the draft is no big deal. My immigrant father told me when I was younger that he moved here so that his kids wouldn’t have to go to war. Well that’s out.

Anyway though, I’m getting ahead of myself. The only politics I have a say in right now are American politics. It’s true, the Bern man said today he would vote for Hill in November so of course that is the clip we see everywhere BUT REMEMBER that isn’t all he said. He never endorsed her. He also said many things revolving around this one quote from him, ” I think the issue right here is that I’m going to do whatever I can to defeat Donald Trump. I think Trump, in so many ways, will be a disaster for this country if he were to be elected president. We do not need a president whose cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry, is insulting Mexicans and Latinos and Muslims and women, who do not believe in the reality of climate change when virtually every scientist who has studied this issue understands we have a global crisis.”
He’s going to the convention and I’ll be with him in heart. Forget that though, like a million protesters and delegates will be with him in body. He’s pushing the progressive platform. He’s supporting Nina and Tulsi and Tim, hell Oregon’s own Jeff Merkley is still in the game. From day one he has said NOT ME US and that’s the point. In my humble opinion, I believe that Bernie said what he said because he is sick of the question. We’ve got real issues, hate and destruction, and these are our only true enemies. It’s been an issue oriented campaign from the beginning.

I can’t control what the UK does and I can’t blame them for wanting what we all want, freedom to choose. Now let’s not give up our same freedom.


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