A Third Brother

We heard, by word of mouth the other day that back when Ed and Eddy were called Denali and Zion at Luvable dog rescue they had a third brother. This was much to our dismay. Here we are always talking about the possibility of adopting a third dog who we would name Edd (Double D) but now we find out that he truly is out there somewhere! This brother of theirs must have sold early on. Before they were deemed inseparable, perhaps that is how they became inseparable.

They are definitely still inseparable btw. They love us a lot, follow us around and even whine for us when they want something. They are super needy and I have always just laughed it off, but now I realize it is because they lost a brother. Well several siblings I suppose, dogs usually have up to eight at a time.
I’ve heard it said that it is not a good idea to keep litter mates together. I guess it causes them to form over attachments which makes them hard to train. Lord knows this is true with our boys. I still think it’s a cruel suggestion. That’s why housebreaking them and teaching them not to steal food was so hard though. Also they are still horrible with kids and most other animals because they get super jealous.

We took them for a week camping in Idaho last week. Part of the trip was a family reunion so people brought their children and dogs, we couldn’t ever leave them and man was it a pain. Camp fires scared them, losing sight of us scared them, they are a hell of a lot of work. They do love my parents and their dog though so that came in handy.

As much as they love their humans though they’ve always been very respectful of each other. Even when fighting over toys or food it is easy to sense their love for each other. They appreciate one another. It breaks my heart knowing that they must always miss their Edd. The state of Oregon recently ruled that dogs are people too, in a Portland court case concerning dog abuse. Police no longer need a warrant when called to investigate animal abuse, similar to police getting reports of domestic or child abuse. Dogs are not property, they are sentient beings. I know that in cases of human adoption siblings sometimes get split up, but these cases are always sad. I’m so glad that we were able to get Ed and Eddy together, I’m so glad that they always have each other.



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