Never Again

Adolf Hitler was born April 20 1889 into a German speaking Austrian family. He wasn’t appointed Chanclor of Germany until January 30 1933 but from day one he set off to exterminate the Jews as he saw fit for the injustice of World War one. In other words, Hitler hated Jews from the beginning and was elected to power by people who knew this. Maybe they themselves didn’t hate Jews but they didn’t mind blaming them, I do like to think he kind of snuck the Jewish hatered in but who’s to say? Hitler was a National Socialist (as apposed to a Democratic one, important distinction) on top of being both autocratic and a totalitarian. He had vague ideas about how to make Germany great again but he was also kind of a psychopath.

Similar to today, poverty was the driving force behind many people’s political involvement back then. When Hitler first ran for office against Hindenberg (who had much support from nationalists, monarch supporters, and Republicans) in 1932 he lost but he also left a great impression on politics at the time that would be remembered. Hitler used a campaign slogan which translates to “Hitler over Germany.” Completely different than “not me us,” he wasn’t shy about it.

Hitler really got his political start though when Hindenberg gave into the urging of his fellow politicians and made him Chanclor (in ’33). When he had some power, Hitler worked towards building a majority government (with no checks and balances). The people were given fewer and fewer rights while police were given more and more. It took a while to meet his goal but once he did the Social Democratic party was banned and their assets seized.

Germany at this point became a one party system (notice Neolibrals and Republicans today both support TPP, fracking, and many other controversial issues today). It didn’t start out that way but as extremists became more and more powerful, moderates could not longer maintain control. Maybe that’s what I don’t like about the two party system, as both our current American political parties move to the right we are becoming a one party system with little allegiance, and since we’re only one party, as mentioned above, there are no checks and balances.

On August 2nd 1934 Hindenberg died and the office of President was abolished, giving Hitler head of state as well as Supreme Comander responsibilities. Elections continued and were even deemed mandatory for Germans but these same voters were only given a single list of Nazis to choose from. Lesser of two evils style.

We know what happened after that. World War Two started with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. Six million Jews were killed in camps overall and millions more people died at war or as a result of bad living conditions. It didn’t happen in one day, it wasn’t especially violent on the daily, and it was all completely above board in the beginning. People need to wake up, look at what each candidate is offering you, we have more than two btw. Look at what could easily result from party unification. This year instead of Jews being hated it’s Muslims (as well as Natives and African Americans), but once again war has left many people here in poverty and disarray to the point that they have nothing left to lose. Some might consider Britain’s parting with the UK a symptom of what’s happening. So we’ll see if we can use what history has taught us to keep from repeating mistakes. It’s definitely not too late to fix this, cast those votes for Congress. And remember…never again.


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