Last Independence Day in Independence

This was be my last 4th of July holiday in Monmouth/Independence. My second with the dogs and my fourth with the hubby.

Last year we stayed home with Ed and Eddy thinking we could see the fireworks on the Willamette river from the deck. We couldn’t quite but it was fine. A huge parade comes down Main Street so that was pretty cool. The whole town and probably those who live on farms out of town set up chairs along the Main Street. Local restaurants, bars, and shops are packed full. I love it, it’s really a small town beauty that I’d never been a part of before living here.

A year or two before that when we lived pretty far down Main Street from the river park (fireworks) and we walked. Its a long walk down, we ended up getting trapped INSIDE the parade, watched the firework show with friends, and then hitchhiker back home. That was an experience.

This year we decided to be adults and come up with a game plan. It’s funny how these dogs have really given me a sense of responsibility. Last night we invited a bunch of friends over. We used the grill to team cooking some tacos, we also put together some FREEDOM TARTS! Ed and Eddy didn’t seem to mind the guests too much. They found the dog lovers fast.

At 10pm the fireworks started, we left the dogs in the bathroom and left some music on in the living room to muffle the booms.

The fireworks themselves were gorgeous, we didn’t make it all the way to the park but I think what we did was even better. We found a spot on the riverbank to smoke a joint and watch the show. We were so close to the little island thing that we could see the actual cannon that shot out the fireworks!

When we got back home the boys had been good, but they must have been really shaken up. From the moment we got back, all through the night, until right now as I write they have been right at my side.


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