The VIP Experience

I’ve been to my share of concerts and live performances but, you know, usually just GA cheapo tickets. This weekend though we went to see the Taste of Chaos tour in Eugene and we decided to splurge and get VIP tickets. Every once in a while you’ve got to treat yourself.

Taste of Chaos has gone across the country, we caught it on the tail end. For those of you who were not into the emo vibe back in high school the Taste of Chaos tour is Dashboard Confessional, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, and I was personally most excited for The Early November. Not so much Saosin but the other three bands really got me through my high school experience and I was excited to finally see them live. It was such a nice experience. There were like twenty VIP people. We got a Dashboard cap, a lanyard, some yummy orderbs, and a private acoustic show with Chris Carrabba. It was incredible being literally close enough to feel the music, we got into the arena super early to catch a spot for the actual show too. We were like right under the stage.

It was simply an amazing experience all around, it was like a family reunion to put it in the words of Taking Back Sunday singer. It’s really just a comfortable place to be yourself because you know that everyone there was with you during your struggles. The bands were always there to lift you up when you needed it.

The Early November was the most indie band there I think. I started listening to them when they came out with The Mother, The Mechanic, and the Path in 2006. It was such a thrill to watch them! They seemed honestly surprised that so many people showed up for their opening! I’m not a musician but I got chills when they would look into the audience. They seemed honestly touched that we all wanted to hear them, and I felt honestly touched as a long time fan. Being there felt like really being a part of something.

When Saosin came on we had a group of hardcore fans right behind us. They started moshing and crowd surfing and throwing a beach ball. A purple haired lady got thrown the microphone during a song to sing along, let’s just say she was in tears the rest of the night. It was a powerful show.

When Taking Back Sunday came on the sun was starting to set and for Dashboard Confessional it was pitch black out, so they had light shows and more theatrics in general. They played a lot of the old stuff and spoke with the audience a lot about nostalgia. It was a beautiful night and a great experience, I feel lucky to have gotten to share it with everyone else there.


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