How We Got Here

Now this is totally my own crazy made up theory so be aware of that.

It’s not a popular opinion right now, but I think that all of this is falling into place. Not that we’re being set up or anything that extreme but history does repeat itself. I think people often take that too literally though, it’s not the small details. It’s the over arching story. Like I’ve said before, I was really into the history of colonial America when I was younger. This has all happened before, and it’s not even coincidence. Think about it, all those politions that we hear so much. They’re all really smart, they probably all studied American history way more than me. They know what they’re doing, think about it also that most of these pant suits want to cut funding to education. 

I think this has been going on a long ass time, before Obama even. I suspect also that Hillary’s emails document it more or less perfectly. We’re headed to a major disturbance in the force and we’re headed fast. Look at the world, look at what has happened lately. Yesterday a French local became a terrorist by mowing down people with his truck, that also happened to be full of guns. Today there is a coup in Turkey. I have gone back and forth a bit on that one. From what I read on various publications the Turkish government is set up so that coups happen often as a means of correction, but then violence never solves anything. A fraction of the military tried to take over the government and there have been many casualties. This coup was a surprise but look at the over arching story here.

Whether or not you agree completely with me, it is clear that things are changing. I’m going to embrace the change and work as I can to make my home safe and happy. The status quo just isn’t sufficient anymore. Too many people are hurting and hurting makes people desperate.


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