Miss This Place

I’m going to miss this place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s drawn on quite a bit. We were supposed to leave in May and here we are staying til August 2nd. It’s a really nice place so I can’t complain really, it’s just spendy. So I could be a douche and whine about missing it,  sure I’ll miss the luxuries but those aren’t things to miss. I won’t miss the place.

What I’ll miss is the view. I’ll miss getting up and having the place to myself as my husband works nights and sleeps late. I’ll miss having my pick of 4 or 5 trails around the Willamette river to walk my dogs on. Literally, I walk outside and there is nature all around. Where I’m moving, Eugene, still has plenty of beauty of course but it’s not so close. I have a yard but not this view. Like all moves it will be an adjustment and I do expect it to be pretty smooth, but I am thankful for these past fifteen months in this beautiful country town.


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