Back to Dogs

Okay, I’m sorry I went off in a political direction with this blog. I want to get back to my dogs though, these reads ought to be relaxing not stressful. So bare with me one last time and I promise this will come back to my dogs. I do still really think everyone needs to get involved however. I call and email politions now all the time and when we get moved in I want to look for like a city job. Calling networks to leave a formal complaint about lack of coverage is a nice touch too, because remember Sanders has not yet conceded. Now that Clinton has picked Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her VP, he is anti-aborsion and pro-TPP, she is abandoning all her progressive campaign promises. What hurts me the most is that when I read about Kaine’s moderate policies they, for the most part, don’t sound terrible. His work in Honduras really struck me. I have an ex who is Honduran so when I learned about Clinton’s involvement in the coup I was extremely turned off, but Kaine seems like he might be alright by the work he’s done there.

I’d be alright anyway, but rationally I know that a Clinton/Kaine ticket wouldn’t solve any of the issues I’ve become aware of, not long term. Rationally I see that while me and mine would be okay for the time being the future of our country would be compromised. With TPP and fracking to thank, the environment would be destroyed, and then no matter how much wealth anyone has accumulated won’t matter. Without clean water and without environmental protection for the plants that give us oxygen to breath life cannot go on, it’s that simple. Watch any post apocalyptic movie and you’ll get it.

If our two party system is really going to work Republicans can be as conservative as they want but Democrats need to stay liberal. Refer to my post about how Hitler got power not by being elected but by turning Germany into a one party system.

As I stated though in my first political post, I’m with Bernie because initially I was drawn in by his website having an anti animal cruelty section. My dogs hold me together, they are my besties. They teach me empathy. I thank them by making sure to take care of and provide for them to the best of my ability. It really is a two way relationship too. It might sound silly to some, especially if you don’t have a pet, but I want a better world for them. I imagine it’s like parents want a better world for their human kids. I want a world where if they got lost the dog catcher wouldn’t get frustrated and beat them (this is how Ed got his brain damage), I want a world where people would have the means to take them in for food and water, I want a world where people’s superstition doesn’t leave dogs susceptible to torture (this happens in some third world nations). I want a better world for all of us, and the sad truth is that incremental change and maintenance of the status quo won’t get the job done.

*I’m starting a separate page for political philosophy if you want to follow me there.


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