We’ve got five more days to pack until we’re getting the Uhaul truck and some friends to help us (we hired 2 unpacker dudes for arrival), and then in we clean and turn in that key. Only five, it’s still unreal! I can hardly believe it honestly, it’s not that we’ve lived at Riverplace so long. In our four years together only one of them has been here. This is where Ed and Eddy joined our team though, so that might be part of it. Also Riverplace is an actual neighborhood. Before moving here we lived in an old, two story, ugly yellow building. Most everyone that lived in that building was a student so it was constanly loud. That’s where we got Nagini too because our landlord said no dogs or cats, I was in one of my depression spells so Eric went on Craigslist and found her. Getting her 40 gallon tank home in our VW Beetle was an adventure. That’s actually why we’ve been trying to sell her, no serious buyers though. I’m actually kind of happy, once we get her home I’m going to fix up her tank real nice.

Anyway we’ve been slowly packing a few boxes each day. Finding crap we’d long since forgotten, stacking up a Good Will pile. Its crazy all the stuff we’ve accumulated being together. I don’t know most people’s packing style but our tends to be just throw as much shit as will fit in a box. Wrap breakables and also we learned not to fill any boxes with just books. Distribute the weight, but besides that just fill boxes. No real matching or labeling, unpacking is a real adventure that way.

Of course it’s all done in a sort of panic anyway because Ed and Eddy hate it. They totally know something is up. I can’t wait for them to have a yard! This is going to be a great move, I love starting over in a new place! Keeps things fresh.


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