Sir Stinks A lot

So we’ve been moved into our house for about a week now, a bit more. It’s great! The unpacking has been a very gradual process but we’re getting there. The house is great for the dogs, much easier than an apartment. First off, we can be as loud as we please. A favorite bonding activity for them and my husband is sitting on the couch and howling. Eddy isn’t really able to howl, his bark is too high pitched and squeaky. It sure is adorable. The best thing about this place still though, by far, is the yard. 

The boys absolutely love it! We have a dog door and they’re out there constantly out back sunning and digging. I play fetch with them a lot and their grasp of the game has vastly improved now. They also can’t get enough of digging holes and rolling in filth. I’ve already given them three baths here! There is a lot more mischief for the boys here.

Regardless though, it’s great. It’s a great little neighborhood and a great little house. Our yard is almost half the size of the Independence dog park and the this side of town alone has two huge dog parks. In a blocked off section of the yard we have some herbs and a weed plant. It’s a very comfortable little place and I expect our little family to be here a long time.


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