Foreign Correspondance

This is something I wrote a while back and I guess forgot to post. It still seems relevant to me though, hope you enjoy.
I read an editorial piece this morning by a foreign correspondence, it was political but being that the writer was British it had an interesting insight. I think we all can see that things have gotten particularly theatrical this election year, but for the rest of the world I don’t know that it looks any more over the top than usual.

I’ve always been pretty patriotic, no like flag patterned hats or red white and blue gear, and I only ever say God bless America sarcasticly but as the daughter of an immigrant I have always been thankful to be here. My father use to tell me from time to time that he came to this country so that his kids would be citizens and wouldn’t have to live in war, it made an impression on me. I was greatful.

I still am. Look at the world around and it’s clear we’re a little too big for our britches though. It’s annoying too that other countries depend or even just rely on us but it’s the price we pay for living in such obscene decadence. Even like the lower middle class here is pretty spoiled but truth be told I wouldn’t want it any other way. Maybe that’s why I get annoyed by petty whining, not that I don’t do my own share of it but I see how ridiculous it looks.

So apparently this writer had never been to America before, never seen a Democratic National Convention. To be honest this was my first too and I barely watched it, had no interest in the RNC either. As I promised though, I’ll stay away from political opinions.

This foreign correspondence said throughout his piece basically that he was blown away by the flashyness. Apparently the politians in his country are also liars but in America we spice it up more. We sprinkle on change and hope and musical numbers, and of course balloons. In Britain apparently they stay cold and slimy.

Here of course it’s all song and dance, none of it is real but we want to come off flashy even when we’re sad and broken. And if this year seems more flashy it’s only because we’re more broken. Our politicians have more to hide, and perhaps the stakes are also higher.

It was an interesting piece to say the least. Definitely helped shine some light on the convention for me. Perspective really is an important tool to take with you to any event.


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