Water is Life

Water is Life, people say it from time to time but what does it mean? Well I guess it’s pretty straight forward, it means that literally nothing can live without water. Water is a main reason Earth is habitable. Living in the US I’m lucky, especially being in the northwest with so much rain! I grew up in southern California where law restricted over watering of lawns and drinking tap water was completely out of the question. Thinking of spending a warm sunny day by the river? I highly doubt the LA river is what you’re looking for.

Our house has a yard here in Oregon, front and back, and by southern California standards it’s huge. I water it all once or twice a day depending on how hot it gets. It’s one of the few house wife duties I thoroughly enjoy. I love watching the water droplets from the hose fall on all the dirt, leaves, and petals. The dogs run around happily as I water too, I usually try to keep a game of fetch going while I water. Two birds, one stone. Every morning and often times evening too this is our little celebration of life. It makes me so happy, even on my moodiest day watering the yard brings me solace.

As I water I can’t help but be overjoyed at my luck. Growing up in so cal with a father from the middle east (I myself have visited a few times) I definitely get it. That is why I try to be very conscious of my water use, but even so we have so much water here! It truly is a blessing, if you’re one to believe in that sort of thing. It’s been a really hot summer too, can’t even imagine it without water.

For this reason the Sioux and Standing Rock tribes, along with others who are sympathetic to the cause, have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The native tribes have not actually granted access for the pipeline on their lands yet it is being taken anyway. We have recently seen the aftermath of a fracking disaster in Michigan. Their has been news of fracking on fault lines in earthquake prone California. In my opinion both these examples show terrible recklessness on behalf of our government. The Dakota Access Pipeline would just create a bigger chance to dirty the water we have left, and let me be clear. This isn’t just water for the Dakotas, it is water for our country and water for our world. The disaster in Michigan has caused brain damage in children who are still developing, fracking in Kentucky has turned water unrecognizable. This is not okay.

So call it privledge if you must, but I love my life. I love watering my yard and being able to provide my dogs fresh water for bathing and drinking. There are definitely things that call for compromise but clean water is not one. It is and should be an inalienable right.


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