A World of Better Shopping

This might sound silly, and if you’ve never lived on the outskirts of town it probably is but my favorite thing about moving back to Eugene is the shopping. Grocery shopping specifically. All the stores here have so much more! Maybe I’m a fatty but to me this is huge. They even have a lot of fresh produce because while I’m not surrounded by farm land here, there is farmland about thirty minutes to an hour in every direction. We are walking distance from Sundance (vegetarian market) and Albertsons (which I know isn’t a big difference from the Roths we use to frequent but their kosher section is at least twice as big); plus Market of Choice and Trader Joe’s aren’t far.

Yesterday we went to Sun Rise for some meal prep. For those who don’t know, Sun Rise is an Asian food market. They actually had quite a few French and Belgian products for whatever reason. Prices were very reasonable and the produce was stunning. I had been bummed about leaving the Mercado in Independence, and I still will miss it a lot, but I see this as a nice substitute. They had amazing sushi rolls that we actually got for lunch and then my husband was able to make us our own teriyaki dinner at home complete with seaweed salad. I thoroughly believe that having stores like this, specifically set up so that foreign cultures in America are able to carry on are a terrific way to introduce and even teach locals about the world. I’m excited to see what else this new city has to offer us.


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