Never Been a Gardener

Being that I spent my eighth grade year in the hospital my high school life was mostly centered around things like learning how to walk and care for myself as apposed to the regular high school things. For that reason I didn’t get much of a head start on things like cooking or homemaking or gardening. My senior year of high school I’ve mentioned that my parents took my little bro and moved up here. I staid down south, a family I had been a mother’s helper for hired me on as a live-in nanny. Plus my former adaptive PE teacher lived across the culdisac so she helped me out and I had friends in the area, but other than that I was on my own. Had to teach myself shit.

I had never been in a house since I was with my parents. Neither has my husband. Apartments forced me to learn cleaning and cooking but yard work is not my shtick. I’m figuring it out though. The past few days have been in the low hundreds these past few days so yard work has been tiring. My husband helped me earlier and it turned into a water fight. I did get two ferns planted though alongside some other bush type things, my mom had purchased them a little while ago along with some soil and just never got them in the ground. (Actually they left quite a bit here which has been nice but unfortunately they will be taking back when they get all moved in to their new fix up.)

Also got our little Marijuana plant planted in a pot.

I bought a yellow Snap Dragon at Lowe’s the other day so I got that in the bed below the deck.

Lastly my mother also left some new bought plant not yet planted in their pots in the front. Got those looking nice now too.


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