Jill Stein 2016

I know I said I’d be less political but truly we are determining the fate of the world right now. We’ve been kicking the can for 16 years, since Bush vs. Gore but now enough is enough. Just about every country currently has civil unrest. Jill Stein is the only candidate that will say no to TPP which will destroy our environment plus if it goes through our cyber realities will be available to the government. I’ve already voiced my opinion so much and contributed to so many campaigns that there really is no point of covering it up now. Remember what Bernie said, “never lose your sense of outrage.”

I started paying attention to Bernie when I saw that his website had an animal rights section. Well guess who else does? Jill Stein. In fact, from what I gather Jill Stein is a vegetarian. What I like most about Jill is her over all empathy. You know, she’s very new to politics. I see this as a good thing btw. She got involved in activism in 1998 when she became increasingly concerned with people’s health in relation to the quality of their environment due to her work as a medical doctor.

She continued with activism and did not really branch out to politics until 2002 when Jill was the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow party’s (the national Green party is often broken into state branches to help focus on local elections, the Oregon branch is the Pacific-Green party) candidate for governor. She lost but received much attention from her debates.
In August 2011 Jill hinted that she would run for president with the Green party. This was in response to the current president’s attack on social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Stien’s main issue then and now is her implementation of the New Green Deal, similar to FDR’s New Deal that got us out of the great depression. The Green New Deal is meant to put 25 million people to work. The main criticism Jill’s deal sees is that it will take time and lack legislative support. Really lame, I am personally sick of hearing that my vote only counts if it supports the winner and requires no work on our part. The Green New Deal is a stimulus package focused on financial crisis and global warming.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist and war correspondent Chris Hedges along with others like Noam Chomsky endorsed her in 2012. This year, along with others, Cornel West endorsed her, and that means a lot to me. I know Jill Stein is a long shot, but hey so was Bernie and they ended up having to cheat him to get him out. And he’s not even really out, he’s still in the Senate fighting for us. The next best move is Jill, a smart and compassionate candidate.


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