Gaurd Dogs

The hubby and I have talked about it before, our two little dachshunds are worthless as far as protection if like someone came at me or something of that nature. They are yappy as all hell though.

A few days ago I was watching TV in the back room when I heard them barking more aggressively than usual. It was early; no shoes, bra, or makeup for me and I’d hardly drank my coffee yet but I figured they most likely were just barking at a dog in the back alley so I stumbled out to holler at them. Boy way I wrong though! There was a dude with dark hair, a black shirt, and dirty jeans, no name card, vest, or toolbox though. He told me that he was just coming to check our electric box but as soon as I got the dogs settled down and sat down with them he just left. Without checking anything.

My husband put a lock on our gate the next day but still it was somewhat scary to me! I’m a relatively gullible person, I try to see the best in everyone and take what they say at face value. It’s really frightening to me that someone would break the trust I give the community. I guess this city, although nothing next to LA, is a lot bigger than Independence. Sadly big cities equal more people, and more people equals more crime.

It’s sad to think about. A good friend of mine had her car broken into yesterday too. This is another reason I am fighting for more social protections in politics. If people’s needs are being met, far fewer crimes will occur. I don’t ever want to lose my trust in mankind completely. I am however proud of and thankful for my dogs. They must know this is home now. As irritable as it can make both my husband and I, it is really good that they are protective of their space. It is a sign that they know they belong here.


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