Gifted and Talented

I think a lot of people, a lot of smart people, are trained by society to give up right away way if something is hard. Because it’s easier to not try than to fail. Grades teach us that.

If you’re going to study, study, study you want an A. If you’re going to skip going out with your girlfriends you better get that A. If you get a B it might as well be a D, there’s no such thing as second best. In college, and in some situations high school, it’s best to just drop a class than to fail it. It is better to not learn than to merely be proficient. 

It’s about money though. 

If you don’t do well in high school you won’t get into a great college, and if you don’t graduate with high marks from a top college how will you afford your kids college? It’s tricky, plus you want to find a mate who makes a lot of money right? Someone who works hard and will appreciate you because you’re not work. Or maybe you are work, but a more enjoyable type of work. It doesn’t really matter though, it just matters that you work yourself silly now so that later you can enjoy yourself.

So I think that makes getting out of school very difficult. People go one of two different ways, they make money replace the grade system or they embrace happiness. And I know that sounds harsh but hear me out, money isn’t happiness nor is fame. Happiness is not tangible. Happiness rather is a state of mind and as long as you can reach it your good.
That makes me into a hedonist though doesn’t it? Well perhaps it does but riddle me this. Just because a man might only strive to make himself happy this does not mean that he also strives to make another man unhappy. It absolutely does not, in fact one man’s happiness may be enough to make that other man happy.

We are so often taught the importance of self reliance that it’s easy to lose perspective. You should absolutely rely on your own mind but you should absolutely never lose your empathy.


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