Horse Shampoo

Today was the first time since the move that I’ve given Ed and Eddy a real bath with soap and whatnot. 

Now that might sound silly, especially if you do not taken responsibility over dogs or critters of your own, but let me explain. They say it’s important to be careful with which soap you use on your dog as their skin is usually protected from chemicals and substances by their fur. Special dog shampoo is of course overpriced due to capitalism but baby shampoo is a good substitute. That is what we used in the past. It is tear free and smells really good. 

Well this time my husband and my curiosity got the best of us. We were looking in the soap section of our neighborhood grocery store when we spotted it. Horse Shampoo. It is not tear free but it does claim to be okay for any furry critter while also making their mane very soft and shiny. It was also a very large bottle for a reasonable price so why not?

I’ve only ever used it just this once but so far so good. We spent the morning at a colossal sized dog park. The boys ran and ran and jumped and rolled, they had a lot of fun but certainly also earned themselves a bath. They’re so cute, they know when they need a scrub and jump right in the  tub.

 It seemed hefty upon application. I did need to be more careful of their eyes when rinsing them but otherwise it was easy to get off. It does smell good, their baby shampoo was strawberry scented while this  kind of leaves a clean farm animal smell but it’s still nice. Also they did seem to dry quicker and their curls are quite soft and fluffy. I’m happy with the result thus far, now that they are dogs with a yard they manage to get more stinky than the  old days and I expect this horse shampoo to do the job. Nothing better than a couple of freshly cleaned and groomed pups.


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