Colin Kaepernick won’t stand

I saw an interview Colin gave explaining why he chose not to stand and say the national anthem  and I must say, the man made sense. I mean really, the thing about America is we’re free not too, so what is the purpose of shaming a man for using his rights. Football more than anything else is an all American sport so I say good on Colin for making spectators think about what their country does and doesn’t represent. Is it the same thing it use to?

We come together to watch sports and forget our worries, so by not standing Kaepernick is actually being inclusive to more people. Take for example people who, like Jahova’s witness, do not standing during the pledge for religious reasons. To me it seems that Colin is reminding them that the 49ers and football in general  also represents them. It also seems that once the pledge starts to be a requirement it ceases to be what it once was, a heartfelt gratitude. He’s making sports fans really think whether or not their love of football stifles them from looking honestly at our country. In my opinion Colin’s courageous act to speak his mind was more patriotic than most.

The specific issue that Colin chose to talk about was police brutality, but he made it very clear that there were many more individual reasons he chose not to stand. There are so many different stances an activist can take. To name a few more are BLM, LGBT rights, or just plain old feminism. Many Americans are also upset about voter suppression. In Polk County, where I voted in the primary, uncounted ballots were found in the dumpster. During a live news report the graphic showing a massive Bernie Sanders win just changed mid report. It was never correctly addressed but it sure did make me question my rights. Iff we the people are going  to  stand and pledge our aligiance to one nation with liberty and justice for all then we all best actually be getting some justice for our voice.


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