I’m Just Gonna Say It…

One of the most difficult things about being a Jewish American is having to keep quiet. We’re taught to be paranoid from day one and I’m sick of it. I need to get this written out. This is just a home grown theory so take it with a grain of salt but I  think it makes sense, it’s been growing in my mind for a long time. 

I’ve noticed, specifically on college campuses but also anywhere large groups of liberals congregate, that blaming the Jews (not just Israel) for the mess in the middle east is extremely popular. Two things drive this. First, nobody knows history and certainly not before ’48. When we study the history of ww2 very little emphasis is put on Israel and how it came to be. It wasn’t like a bunch of Jews just decided to invade the established country of Palestine. No. For one Palestinian wasn’t a country with borders, it was always just a territory. And there had always been Sephardic Jews living there, always. 

So as ww2 wrapped up European Jews were being harassed. As they left concentration camps many had their assets seized, they didn’t feel safe and really who could blame them. So imperialist Britain gave the plot of land known as Palestine to the Jews and it became Israel. It was intended to be split but the Palestinian people did not like that idea, and really who can blame them either, but Israel defended itself and won. Many Palestinians became refuges as they left Palestine intending to return once all the Jews were massacred but that plan failed and no other Arab country would grant them citizenship. The conflict has only escalated since then, both sides have hard feelings, but that’s how it happened. 

Second, I have come to believe that demonizing Israel is so widely accepted because the United States is really Israel’s only ally and nobody likes us because we’re basically imperialists at this point. We brush it off by explaining that they’re jealous of our freedom. We’ve been using Israel, and our supposed love of the Jewish people, to rationalize our military interventions of the countries surrounding Israel. This in turn drives people to see Israel as the enemy, even though rationally they see that Israel is a tiny desert country surrounded by much larger enemies. It’s true that for religious reasons none of these countries are nice to Israel but that isn’t why we keep calling for regime change. We do that so we can gain control of their oil. Everyone needs oil; for transportation, for plastic, for daily appliances; and so the more oil we control the more people we control. 

We use excuses like morality for the atrocities we commit, but that’s not it. We’re not moral. We’re greedy, we’re comfortable. So we use Israel as our scape goat while we make sure the region stays hostile and dependant on us. As long as we keep all the people in the middle east down, as long as they are too busy fighting both each other and for their lives to notice, the United States can control all the oil and consequently the global economy. It’s similar to an abusive relationship. This is also why sustainable energy is always put on the back burner btw, and until love of life is valued before the love of power this won’t change. 


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