A Wall

Trump promises to build a wall between the US and Mexico. He promises Mexico will pay. He meets with the Mexican president, talks of NATO changes start. People like it, it’s just simple enough to work. China has a wall, no complaints. 

I’ve never thought Trump was smart enough to be a threat but think about what a wall means. Think about that theory that Trump is a secret Democrat working with Clinton. Why are all the gun nuts holding fast to the second ammendment?

If we look at it historically, the second ammendment was written to ensure our freedoms, so that the government won’t get too big. When the government gets too powerful we stop being a democracy. 

So Trump promises to build a wall. The Mexican president agrees. Why might he do that? What has been going on in Mexico, why are people leaving? Remember what happened just a few months ago in Mexico when teachers demanded more rights?

A wall only keeps people out as well as it keeps people in. A wall won’t stop violence, it will only confine it. It will slow people from getting in to help AND getting out to hide (or vice versa). A wall won’t solve any problems, isolationism won’t make us stronger. 

Don’t be fooled. Corporations aren’t people. These people playing politics are just advanced chess players. A wall will not fix anything for either side. These people know what they’re doing, and they aren’t doing it for our good.


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