As I have written in the past, I’ve become quite enamored with conspiracy theories. Specifically political ones, but ya know it all comes back to that anyway. Once the first couple Hillary conspiracies were true it occurred to me that our government is probably trying to delegitimize working theories in order to lie to the public.

Zika virus has been around and evolving since it was found in the Zika Forrest in Uganda  Africa in 1947. Recently it has been found in Florida and linked to birth defects in the brain, specifically developing fetuses do not grow a fully formed brain. Puerto Rico too has announced a state of emergency. Of course Congress cannot seem to agree upon a method or a budget of containment or research, but since when do they do their job anyway…

How did Zika make it to Florida you ask? Well. It was brought there to study. Through genetic alterations the mosquitos carrying Zika were meant to infect and destroy one another. That obviously didn’t work at all, as pregnant women thought to have been bitten have been producing babies with shrunken heads. Gives you a different way of looking at those ancient shrunken heads huh?

So what if, and some of you may be following me here, the Zika virus was brought to Florida by our government indeed to study, but not to study for a cure. What if Zika was being studied for population control? What if our government was looking at population control through war. Most of our money goes to and comes from war after all. 

In World War Two we saw the work of nuclear scientists through the deployment of nuclear weapons on Japan (I won’t get into Pearl Harbor being a planned conspiracy to convince the American public to engage in war in the first place but it’s out there). Now it is true that war is a more or less effective form of population control in itself. Also large scale wars can boost the economy. So now put that together with the Zika virus.  Maybe also consider massive amounts of money “lost” by the Pentagon. What if that money really went to biological weapons research, wouldn’t that make sense?

In North Dakota where the water protectors are defending their water rights the police have been granted permission to use armed drones. So that’s pretty outrageous right there, what if the next outrageous thing we see is a fully operational biological weapon? Not meaning to spread panic or anything like that, quite the opposite actually. People need to start paying attention. We all have a lot going on; and lots of which is the government in the form of taxes, fines, health insurance, and even legal issues; but the only way we can address the problem that is ultimately growing inequality is by paying attention. We must make sure they know that we know what they’re up to.


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