What Would Happen If…

This is just a question I would like to postulate, not a theory or anything like that, but what would happen if Hillary Clinton’s clearly poor health were to deteriorate completely before November 8th?

Now I realize they call it right wing propaganda but she has fallen on camera a few times now so I have my doubts. They also claims she has pneumonia…but I’ve had pneumonia and it wasn’t like that. I also have a TBI and it is like that in many ways…Also I lived with my grandmother who had dementia for many years and there is definitely a similarity there too.

So iff something were to happen I’ve heard rumors Bernie Sanders would come back, but I’d like to nip that in the butt. 

First off, senator Sanders returned to being an independent out of respect for those who elected him in Vermont. So he’s not a Democrat and it seems to me this would prevent him from being the Democrats candidate. Maybe Joe Biden or even Elizabeth Warren…but not Bernie Sanders. 

Second off, I read an article from 2008 about what would happen if the party candidate or even the president elect died before coronation, and according to that article Bernie would not come back. The vice president would however take over the spot. SO if Hilldawg crokes we’re most likely stuck with Tim Kaine. A very right leaning Democrat. 

This isn’t just another election, if we look at history it is clear that a lot of decisions are being  made this time around that will alter the future. Heck, even decide whether or not man kind has a future. So pay attention and get involved, do it for your children. Both human and otherwise.


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