In light of things I thought it would be a good idea to figure out what exactly Parkinson’s disease is. I’ve heard of it, it’s not good, but why? I decided to look it up.

Parkinson’s comes on slowly over many years. It’s similar to dementia  (which I’ve written about before) and in fact after the shaking and the falling Parkinson’s next symptom is dementia. Depression, anxiety, and even sleep loss are other symptoms. Just these symptoms alone are majorly debilitating. 

Not much is known about Parkinson’s disease but we do know that it is often passed along through families. It is also often a result of smoking tobacco and past head injuries. It’s a neurological problem, motor symptoms are the result of brain cells death and a lack of dopamine being produced.

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Medicines and even surgery can lesson symptoms and make the decline of life easier, but sadly the only end to the terrible disease is death. Unfortunately though the longer a person lives with Parkinson’s, the less effective treatments become. 

Parkinson’s usually affects those 60+ but in rare insurances it has been known to start as young as 40. After diagnosis the patient’s life expectancy is about 7 to 14 years depending on how severe the disease is on the person’s body and how far along it has come. A person with Parkinson’s is going to need a lot of down time for healing and also getting their head together, as another symptom of Parkinson’s is confusion resulting from fatigue. 


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