Discovering Libertarianism 

All this Bernie stuff really got me wrapped up in politics. I never much liked the Democrats or Republicans. I have always been been registered independent, until Bernie. During the convention though I left my brief entanglement with the Democrats and joined the Green party. 

Honestly their not perfect but I like that they don’t take corporate money. I also feel they are the only party interested in environmental and animal rights. Libertarians have always intrigued me though, I’m all about John Stewart Mill and utility. Justice. Freedom. All things I like. I don’t feel that Gary Johnson is a legit Libertarian though, and I’m not alone there. He seems pretty far right to me, too far. After some Wikipedia study though I discovered what category may well defined me. Marxism is a bit heavy on the authoritarianism for me but there so happens to be a bridge between Marx and the classic Libertarian. 

Some libertarians advocate laissez-faire capitalism and strong private property rights, such as in land, infrastructure, and natural resources. Others, notably libertarian socialists, seek to abolish capitalism and private ownership of the means of production in favor of their common or cooperative ownership and management.”

As of now Libertarian Socialism is the happy medium under which I fall (Libertarian Marxism is a smaller branch). I’ve written about utility in a past post so feel free to brush up on that, but what I feel is most important to a functional society is liberty. Everybody has got to not only be free but they also need to feel free in order to be affective.

Human nature would have us all putting our own happiness first, this might include maintaining the happiness of those you love but it is still selfish fulfillment. So that would mean a proper work ethic would also contribute to personal happiness. 

I think this is the part that is often at odds with socialism but like most misunderstandings I believe this is a language error, if one considers themselves a spoke in the wheel of society then it would come to pass that the societies happiness contributes to personal happiness. That’s where utility comes in.

I believe society does need some regulation, but I believe that when regulation is left in the hands of the people, along with the means of production, there will always be more room for justice. A large problem with our society today, as I  see it, is that empathy is not a prized trait. We’re extremely individualist, which is good but only to a point. We ought to love ourselves and have confidence in who we are, but we also need to understand that every other person we encounter has a similar range of emotions. We all want more stuff but the concept of supply and demand is often lost on us, if we have everything and our neighbor has nothing we cannot live in peace. So for the sake of peace we need to share, even when it isn’t totally fair. Again, utility. When we come together as friends we no longer need to be ruled so strictly. That increases freedom. 


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