Long Hot Dog Walk

The roads in our neighborhood have been being worked on all summer, not much has actually gotten done but I do realize summer is construction season up her in the northwest. 

On like the 20th and note was left on our door, there would be road work directly in front of our house the 24th to the 26th. Meaning we literally can’t get out of the driveway, and today on the 27th btw an end to this road work debacle is still nowhere in sight.

Yesterday though we ran out of milk and we ran out of weed so my husband and I decided to take the dogs for a long walk down the main street to the store. I should mention also that it was a godawful hot day, but we brought a water bottle with us.

The exciting part of the walk though was when we got about halfway there, a lady came up to us with questions about our dogs. Ed and Eddy are extremely cute but they don’t look like other dogs at all. They’re part dachshund and part terrier, but they don’t really fit either description. I guess this is why she was so excited.

It turns out that this lady has a weird looking wire terrier/dachshund mix too! In fact she showed me a picture and he is practically identical to Eddy! We talked for quite some time discussing our dogs’ temperaments and personalities. Her furboy is named Bear, she also found him at a rescue. We came to the decision that there is quite a large chance that they are all three brothers! Piecing the story of our dogs is quite exciting for me. We swopped numbers and have plans to all meet up at the dog park soon!


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