Dogs and Candy 

I’m going to start out by saying something that will probably freak you out.  I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. 

Like I don’t actively dislike it. I don’t think it’s like “of the devil” or anything weird. I actually really enjoy dressing up and eating candy, but I don’t get nearly as into Halloween as a lot of my friends, or even family do. I’m all about autumn, but Halloween? Just still a night to party, and as I’ve stated I’m not big on parties.

So last night night wasn’t extravagant. Didn’t really go out.Did dress up though, got some candy and stayed home with the dogs. Eric has been working on his Umbrella Corps costume for a while, eventually we would like to go to the real San Diego Comic Con (We met Billy Deek Williams plus me and a friend got a picture with Ron Perlman at the Portland Comic Con) so Eric wore his almost complete costume. I shaved my head about a week ago, so I went through my closet and decided to dress up as Carol from Walking Dead. Then we went to visit a friend of mine who had to work til close at Traders Joe’s, it was fun walking through the store all dressed up! The staff was all dressed up so we didn’t look too crazy.

We got some dinner and Halloween snacks, and came home to pass out candy and watch Ghost Buster. Got Ed and Eddy dressed up in their Stars Wars costumes, they weren’t big fans! Butility boy were they cute!


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